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Planning permission

Any house that is built in the UK needs planning permission. There are two types of planning permission, outline and full.

Outline planning permission

This will state that it is possible to build a house on the land and usually lasts for about 3 years.

Full planning permission

You will need this before you can start building. Full planning permission covers the type of house (bungalow, 2 storey etc) position, building materials (stone, brick etc) landscaping, care of local trees etc.

Land without planning permission

Do not buy land without planning permission, it would be a very big gamble because it can be difficult to obtain. There are some companies (Gladwish, Rural England) that sell land without planning permission, this is purely speculative because land with planning permission can be worth up to ten fold land without it. This is one for the gamblers so leave well alone.

Planning officers vs me

A neighbour of mine wanted to build a house in his garden but the planning officers were against it because the area where we live is now outside the designated building area for our town. He put in for planning permission, which then went to the monthly council meeting. I was allowed to make a presentation to the council meeting as to why there should be a house built on this land. The planning officers were also allowed to make a presentation against building. The councilors decided to refer judgement until they could visit the site. The site visit was made a month later, on the day of the next council meeting. We also presented our case to the councilors who visited the site. On the night of the council meeting, planning permission was passed much to the annoyance of the planning officers. Things to learn from this case are:- Do not give up even if the planning officers are against it. Councilors are humans like you and me, they will listen to you. Prepare very well before you present your case.


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